Audience Research


For my magazine , I first had to do some research to see what people were interested in when they looked at a fashion magazine. I came up with these questions and asked a few people to answer them for me .

The first question I asked was “which color schemes would you like to see on a fashion magazine? Dark warm colors or colorful and bright ?”, I  got 3 without including my opinion so the responses I got were 2 colourful and 2 dark warm colors , I prefer dark warm colors so for my magazine I will choose warm toned colors such as beige , white, black and dark brown.

Next question I asked was “what type of content do you enjoy? “ and I got 4 different responses , I got photography, girls in sport outfits, new clothes idea’s and food . My answer was photography and I would mostly add photography , models but not in sport outfits and one page with an outfit that i like.

Third question was “how often do you buy magazines in general?” and I got 2 once in awhile and one never and every week.

Fourth question was “ would you read an article about a celebrity? “ I got 3 yes’s and one no , so with those responses and my opinion I will write an article about a celebrity.

Fifth question is “ what do you find appealing in a fashion magazine “ and I got , pictures of models sporting, new trends and collections , advice columns and hot girls.

Sixth question was “ Do you like to see advertisement in and on the cover of the magazine? And I got 3 no’s and 1 yes , so with these responses and my opinion I will not put any advertisement in and on the cover of the magazine.

Seventh question was “what type of layout do you like when you are reading a magazine? Simple and classy or Colourful and chaotic?” and I got 3 simple and classy and 1 colorful and chaotic so with these responses and my conclusion I will use simple and classy for my entire magazine layout.


My targeted audience is expected and should be girls between 16 to 35.



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