Different Photoshoots


I took roughly 170 photos ,  the first picture was the one that I wanted to use for my cover. I was told that my camera needed to be formatted into RAW ( I didn’t know that) so i am unable to use these pictures because they will not fit for a magazine cover and they are too bad quality to photoshop. Also I hadn’t realised that almost all of my pictures were blurry and since I can’t photoshop these pictures because they are in jpeg I need to start over. What I want to photoshop in the first picture is to make it less blurry and to darken it a little around her face , because I think it’s too light. I would actually like to have the same lighting position from the second picture in my first one, I like how it is darker around her and then  light just around her silhouette. I plan on retaking the same type of pictures just making sure that my camera will be formatted into RAW  and i will play around with lighting more. 




2nd Photoshoot




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