Font Choice and Color Scheme

For my cover page the masthead will be in the font Crimson with serif. For other texts such as my content page and the double page spread , I will be using Playfair Display with serif. I took screenshots to show how they both look like. For my masthead it will be in red with a small slogan under the masthead which will be in black.


I decided to try 2 different images with my magazine , the first one with her full body in the middle and the second one which is a close up of her face. I ended up liking the close up one more.



For my color scheme I will stick to quite neutral colors mostly in the beige palette.

I have decided to use warmer neutral colors such as beige and these warm tone greyish brown colors because I think it would look nice and fit good with my cover image. Also I find this color palette more appealing to the eyes , instead of having all those bright pinks and yellow in our face. Also since I wanted to keep my magazine very simplistic I wanted to keep the colors very comfortable looking almost cozy lets say.


New Color Scheme

I decided to change my color scheme into dark red , black and white. It looked better with my images I find, the beige color scheme wasn’t very fashion magazine like. 19/04/2017


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